Pain DVD now available
To coincide with Pain's 15th anniversary, the full-length official Pain DVD, 'In A Band', was released in 2009. This pressing, dedicated to the band members and other Pain fanatics, is limited to only 1,000 copies, and contains hours of never before released footage and other material. 'In A Band' is the definitive Pain retrospective.

From the back cover:
For most of the 1990's, Pain recorded and toured throughout the United States. In an era dominated by corporate punk rock, wherein "alternative music” became just another major label genre, Pain remained fiercely independent. We opted to take complete control over our recordings, and were determined to only work with independent and fair-minded studios, artists, booking agents, publicists, and labels.

'In A Band' is an audio, visual, and oral history of those years. It provides an authentic retrospective of one band’s devotion to the DIY ethic established by so many great independent bands of the 1980's. This compendium is not complete, nor is it free of blemishes. But it is real. As Henry Rollins once said, “Don’t talk about it. Do it.” 'In A Band' documents some of what Pain did.
--Mark "Pose" Milewicz

Features include:
• Live performances of Pain classics in eight U.S. cities, including: In A Band, Put 'Em Back, Upright, Gavin, The Man Upstairs, Milk, Island Of Fear, Army Of The Bored, Nitro, Thimbledrome, Chuck Al Hashib, Easy Out, Suckerpunch, Kokamantratarious, Square Pegs, Pose Ode, The Bottlerocket War, The Man Upstairs, Fight, Gavin, The People The People, Full Speed Ahead, The Comeback, Midgets With Guns, Upright, The White Recluse, Excalibur, and Derision

• Music videos for 'Square Pegs' and 'In A Band', including director's commentary for each

• Behind the scenes footage, including 'In A Band', a short documentary made during the video shoot on August 1st and 2nd, 1998

• Commentary by Dan Lord, Mark "Pose" Milewicz, Liz Milewicz, Adam Guthrie, Chris Johnson, and Stuart McNair

• Over 150 set lists featuring Dan Lord's original artwork, and many other Pain artifacts

• Dozens of never before published photographs, and nine previously unreleased 4-track demos (Army Of The Bored, Enough, Excalibur, Gavin, Grudge, Idle Hands, Nitro, Put 'Em Back, The Man Upstairs)

• Other rarities, including Pain's own cover of 'The Time Warp'

• Complete discography information, including personnel, release dates, and tracks

• Running time: Approximately 5 hours, 11 minutes

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